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Dr. Jenkins

People say they notice it the moment they sit in the chair. Maybe it’s in the way Dr. Jenkins greets everyone with a cheery smile and a big hello. Or maybe it’s the way she takes the time to explain what she is going to do… before she does it. Or maybe it’s just her light touch – and the fact that even though she offers things like nitrous oxide to make your dental care even more comfortable, she is rarely called upon to use it.

Dr. Jenkins graduated from Universidad Javcriana in 1980 and the University of Louisville with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1990. She keeps up to date with current dental information by attending continuing education courses and dental conferences. Her continuing education courses and dental conferences are completed with the National Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, and Select Study Club, among other organizations within this field.

Dr. Maritza O. Jenkins is a proud member of the following organizations:

American College of International Physicians
Delphi Society
Girl Scout Volunteer
Boy Scout Volunteer


 On June 13, 2015 Dr. Jenkins was awarded the Distinguished Hoosier Award given by Indiana GovernorMike Pence at the Indiana Dental Association annual meeting.The Distinguished Hoosier Award is one of the highest tributes given out by the State of Indiana to its citizens. It is solely granted at the discretion of the Governor to Hoosiers who have uniquely brought admiration and respect to the state through their character and accomplishments. A truly deserved honor for Dr. Jenkinsand her hard work supporting the dental profession!





Dr. Jenkins also received the Dr. Don G. Scroggins Award for Outstanding Political Advocate for Dentistry given by the Indiana Dental Political Action Committee.  She has put in many long hours of hard work defending the patients rights for dental care.  Congratulations!

On October 22, 2015 Dr. Jenkins received the very honorable title of Health Care Hero, given by the Evansville Courier and Press. The Health Care Hero award is awarded to health care professionals who show dedication and compassion in their career. Dr. Jenkins is passionate about oral health care and not just in Evansville, but in Indiana and the world. Caring for and educating patients are her highest priorities. She has taken mission trips to remote parts of South America, Palestine, and most recently, Zambia to help with the dental needs of an orphanage. Dr. Jenkins truly is a hero, we are all so proud! Congratulations!



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