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...I found a wonderful, compassionate dentist. Tender also in the feelings you show to me as your patient. This means so very much. BEST DENTIST in my life. You can sure tell you care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you also to Allison & Tammy who are also such caring people and sure make it a lot better.

Sally H.

Appreciate the extra care you take with me and my sensitive teeth.

Gary M.

Very Gentle - Total Care.

Diana M.

I was very pleased with my experience with the staff at Dr. Jenkins Office.

Patricia W.

Good Morning to All,

Hope your day is going well. Thank you for remembering my birthday. What a nice surprise for me.
It’s always nice when friends remind me just how considerate they are. I think you’re all pretty special.

Ellen J.

Very nice people and great job!

Bill P.

I appreciate the services, personal attention, and treatment I receive.

Norma F.

Very blessed with my service today. Thank You.

Brenda L.

I wanted to say how great Dr. Jenkins is. I had no pain after she took care of my dental work. Her and her staff were awesome with all my appointments. I would tell anybody to go see Dr. Jenkins.

Darnell M.

She has made it possible for me to keep my teeth a little longer. No pain and I can eat again. Thanks! She is great!

Mary P.

Dr. Jenkins was wonderful! She took me in as an emergency patient! She was thorough, efficient, kind, and patient. She pulled my teeth with ease, no pain or pressure! Great!

Bill E.

She did a great job. I had very little pain. Will be back!

Pat A.

I am very happy with everything that I've had done. Dr Jenkins is very gentle and caring, the staff are all very nice. I was a very nervous dental pateint but since coming here I'm not nervous anymore I highly recommend her.

Shelly M.

Had several teeth pulled and got an upper denture the same day. I didn't have any trouble with it at all. I am very pleased with the well done job from Dr Jenkins and her staff.

Mark S.

I am usually terrified of going to the dentist, after 3 visits here I think I am finally over that fear. She has been very patient and gentle with me.

Kelly B.

Always have a Positive experience.

Marcia W.

She gave me my best smile in over 30 years. Great job! It looks great!

Greg B.

Thank you for the beautiful teeth you have given me. They are perfect for me and I love them. You are truly a great professional and have been understanding and compassionate. I also want commend you on your wonderful staff. They have given me an education on caring for my teeth that I have taken to heart.

Carey S.

Being new to the area what was most important, was finding a dentist that I could trust and be confident that the service I would receive would be excellent. Since being a patient of Dr. Jenkins I am very pleased with her work, knowledge and care. I would recommend to anyone who's looking for a new dentist.

Veronica W.

This is one of the nicest dentist offices I have been to. Dr. Jenkins is so nice and so is her staff. They are very professional.

Diana L.

Gentle touch is true. Never had any pain. Dr. Jenkins is always smiling and top-notch! Staff is also always friendly. Would, and have, recommended her highly!

Sayle S.

Wonderful! Pain Free, Stress Free. I won't go anywhere else! Love it here!

Nakia R.

She is just wonderful! I wouldn't trade dentists for anything!

Anna M.

Dr. Jenkins is great! She always takes the time and goes the extra step to make it right.

Shannon S.

I was very impressed with the whole operation during my visit. I was especially impressed how easily Dr. Jenkins was able to remove my wisdom teeth.

Brent J.

I'm always nervous going to the dentist but Dr. Jenkins always put me at ease and her staff makes me feel comfortable.

Vicky B.

I am pleased with the work I have had done. Everyone is very nice and I would recommend Dr. Jenkins to anyone!

Brenda L.

Dr. Jenkins and her staff always give me great service and friendly faces.

Stephen H.

I am very impressed with Dr. Jenkins. Glad to have her helping me and educating me.

Ann S.

Dr. Jenkins and her staff are always very kind. I appreciate the efficiency of my apppointments, as well as Dr. Jenkins genuine concern for my oral hygiene.

Lisa W.

She and her staff are fantastic. I wouldn't go to any other dentist.

Christina K.

Dr. Jenkins and her staff are very kind, professional and gentle. They check on you frequently during procedures and are very thorough with treatment planning.

Lacy P.

I have been very satisfied with services I have received at Dr. Jenkins' office. Dr. Jenkins and her staff are very thorough in their treatments and are caring individuals. The services I have received at Dr. Jenkins' office have resulted in giving more confidence when I smile.

Glenda D.

Dr. Jenkins and her staff are the best dentist and technicians I've ever had. All are very gentle -most important for a scaredy cat like me- and everyone is so friendly and happy. I am so pleased with their knowledge, expertise, and care.

Amber M.

Kind, professional, excellent work!

Cheryl C.

I must say that in all my years this has been the most pleasurable experience that I have had at a dentist. Very professional, friendly. I have always felt htat I was not just rushed through.

Tim M.

They have the best and newest equipment. Clean and friendly!

Linda S.

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday after my visit with Dr Jenkins. They couldn't believe that I had found a dentist who could match the color of my new top denture to the color of my existing bottom teeth. I told him she is the best and now I don't mind going to her as my dentist! He asked me for her number and I gave him a business card to call her.

Brad S.