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Dentures Specialist

A Woman's Touch Dentistry

Maritza O Jenkins, DMD

General Dentist located in Evansville, IN

If you’re missing several or all of your teeth, dentures are a removable option to enhance your smile. Martiza Jenkins, DMD, and the team at A Woman’s Touch Dentistry offer complete and partial dentures at their location in Evansville, Indiana. To find out if dentures are the right tooth restoration option for you, call or book an appointment online today.

Denture Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Dr. Jenkins and the team at A Woman’s Touch Dentistry offer different types of dentures depending on your needs, including:

Complete dentures

Complete dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch. The team at A Woman’s Touch Dentistry offer two types of complete dentures: conventional and immediate. The main difference between the two is the amount of time between teeth removal and denture placement.

They make conventional dentures after your gum tissue heals, which is typically four to six weeks following removal. Immediate dentures are made in advance so Dr. Jenkins can place them immediately after she removes your teeth.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures replace several missing teeth when some natural teeth remain. Not only do partial dentures fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, but they also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Why would I get dentures?

If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth from gum disease, tooth decay, or injury, you may want to consider dentures. Replacing missing teeth with dentures offers many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced smile and facial structure
  • Improved chewing, speech, and digestion
  • Maintained alignment of remaining teeth

Dr. Jenkins and the team at A Woman’s Touch Dentistry customize your dentures so they closely resemble your natural, radiant smile.

What should I expect from getting dentures?

The process of getting dentures may require multiple appointments over several weeks. Dr. Jenkins or a member of her team take highly accurate impressions and measurements to create your custom denture.

Then, they fine-tune the fit, shape, and color of your dentures to ensure you’re happy with the comfort and appearance. At the final appointment, they precisely adjust and place the finished dentures.

It’s normal to require some time to get used to your new dentures. You may experience an increase in saliva flow, mild soreness, or some difficulty speaking and chewing. Don’t worry -- this will pass as your muscles and tissues become accustomed to the new dentures.

To learn more about dentures, call A Woman’s Touch Dentistry or book an appointment online today.